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Mighty Forces helps women tell their stories. Because the world needs more women's stories.

(A note about language: To keep the language on this website concise,
I use the word “women” to encompass anyone who identifies as female.)

What do you mean by "story"?

The word "story" can mean a lot of things; at Mighty Forces, we're talking about the stories we carry around as our identities. We telegraph our story to the world each and every day, in ways implicit and explicit, large and small — through our LinkedIn profile, for example, or the way we introduce ourselves at a party, and how we enter a room. 

Think about the last time someone asked, "What do you do?"
How did you feel when you answered?
If you felt embarrassment, shame, confusion, or frustration — it doesn't have to be that way.


Why Mighty Forces?

 If the #metoo movement has shown us anything, it's that women's stories are a powerful force. And yet, we are more than just characters in abusers' stories. We are protagonists, crafting our own narratives.

You may not think you have a story to tell, but you do. We all do

The field of narrative psychology shows that our stories are our identities. And the way we tell our stories affects the way we see ourselves and what is or is not possible for us, as well as the opportunities and relationships we attract. 

My vision is of a more female world. In this world, over half of the leaders in government, business and every other corner of our lives are women. And in this world, female values like collaboration, inclusiveness, and compassion prevail. To get there, we need to hear more about and from women. We need more women's stories.

The name "Mighty Forces" comes from this quote:

Be bold, and mighty forces will come to your aid.
— Goethe?

Some attribute this to Goethe; others question that. For me, it's what Frances McDormand's character says to her kids in the movie "Almost Famous." Whatever its original source, it's the rallying cry behind this company:
Be bold. Tell your story, and mighty forces will come to your aid. 

Also, a movement of women telling their stories is a mighty force. And every individual woman is a mighty force.

You are a mighty force.

Why me?


Hi! My name is Amanda Hirsch. Mighty Forces is my business, and telling women's stories is my passion.

  1. My clients are happy: They say things to me like, "I have a better grasp on what I do, why I do it, and how to talk about it," and, "You are a magical word wizard."

  2. Top organizations trust me: Before I decided to focus on working exclusively with women, companies like PBS, TED and the George Lucas Educational Foundation hired me as a writer, editor and strategist.

  3. Call me Professor Hirsch: I've taught online storytelling at Harvard's Kennedy School, the National Press Club, the National Film Board of Canada, and other venues.

  4. I'm constantly developing my skills: I'm pursuing an MFA in television writing with the mission of changing how women's stories are told in popular culture.

  5. I treat this work as sacred: Your story matters. YOU matter. I will always have your back.


Fire away! I answer all emails within two business days. 

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