Define Your Story:

A Small group experience

Next group: March 5-April 2, 2019


This group experience is perfect for women who are ready to express who they are in a more authentic and powerful way — whether it’s to score an awesome job, become a better spokesperson, or because it’s
Just. Damn. Time.

  • Get a better answer to the question, “So, what do you do?” — an answer you can use in conversation, on your LinkedIn profile, in a cover letter, and beyond.

  • Be ready to pitch yourself at a moment’s notice because you know your story.

  • Feel supported and inspired by me and a small group of awesome women who are rooting for your success.

Putting yourself out there is hard. The Define Your Story small group experience makes it so much easier.

How it works

mirit quote.png
  • Join a group of up to 10 women for a four week virtual experience to discover the story you want to tell about yourself

  • Participate in two group calls thoughtfully designed to balance information-sharing with group discussion
    (so you can learn from me and from each other)

  • Take time to go deep in a fun way with my signature questionnaire and other materials in between group sessions

  • Get personalized support from me in a private call

  • Gain lifetime access to an online community of women who will lift you up, have your back, enhance your network, and just plain put a spring in your step.

  • The price is $1,000. (My individual, one-on-one Define Your Story experience starts at $3,000, so this represents a more accessible entry point with the added bonus of learning, community, and networking with other women.)

What you’ll walk away with

  • By the time this one-month experience ends, you will either know your core story, or be well along the path to figuring it out — and you’ll know what next steps to take to get there. The benefit of participating in this group is that you’re learning to fish: Instead of me doing all the work for you, you’re develop a new skill set that will serve you for the rest of your life as your story inevitably shifts.

The nitty-gritty details

  • Upon enrolling, you will receive my signature questionnaire and a worksheet to complete before our first group call. This work should take no more than 90-120 minutes.

  • Our first group call will take place Tuesday, March 5, from 8-9:30pm ET.

  • Our second group call will take place Tuesday, March 19, from 8-9:30pm ET.

  • There will be homework between the two calls (you’ll have two weeks to do about two hours of work), and a final worksheet to complete after the second call in order to complete the experience and gain lifetime access to the Mighty Forces online community (this final worksheet should take around an hour).

  • In sum, expect to spend around an hour and 15 minutes on homework per week during the experience. This is your story; you’re going to need to put the work in. But you’ll be rewarded by the fun and inspiration of support from me and the group — not to mention the best reward: Having a story you’re excited to share!

Full 2019 calendar

I will be offering the Define Your Story small group experience 8 times in 2019. If you’d like to sign up for a group happening later in the year, please email me.

  • March 5-April 2 (currently enrolling)

  • April 9- May 7

  • May 14-June 11

  • June 18-July 16

  • July 23-August 20

  • August 27-September 24

  • October 1-October 29

  • November 5-December 3