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Whether you prefer the support of a group or the luxury of personalized support, I’ve got you covered.

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The Mighty Forces Questionnaire - A Perfect Starting Point

The Mighty Forces Questionnaire - A Perfect Starting Point

Women’s Group - Part 1: Define Your Story

Women’s Group - Part 1: Define Your Story


The Mighty Forces Questionnaire

A perfect starting point

Maybe you’ve just stumbled across this website and you aren’t ready to commit to anything big just yet, and/or your budget is tight — but you’re intrigued, and interested in taking a first step. My signature questionnaire is a perfect place to start. It’s 25 questions, and I recommend setting aside 60-90 minutes in a favorite cozy spot to fill it out. Don’t overthink it. Write what immediately comes to mind.

Included: A link to the questionnaire and a PDF with all the Qs and your As (optional: one-hour story coaching session for my quick insights on your responses and possible story directions for you)

What You Get: Thought-provoking questions that will help you explore the story you’re currently telling about yourself — and the one you want to tell.

Price: $39.99 for the questionnaire; $189.99 for the questionnaire and a one-hour story coaching session.


Women's Group - Part 1

Define your story

You want a better way to describe what you do, and who you are — a way that’s authentic, while also attracting meaningful opportunities your way. Join a group of up to ten women for a virtual, four-week experience to discover your story, and express it in the form of a personal tagline and bio.

Included: My signature questionnaire; two group calls; one personal call; creative worksheets; and support from me and a group of awesome women

What you get: A transformational and supportive experience. Clarity on your core story. Personal tagline and bio (note, some people like to take longer with these — depending on your personality and how much work you put in between group calls, you may end up finalizing them after the four weeks have ended, and that’s fine).

Price: $1,000

Women’s Group - Part 2: Share Your Story

Women’s Group - Part 2: Share Your Story

One-on-One Support: Your Personal Story Consultant & Coach

One-on-One Support: Your Personal Story Consultant & Coach


Women's Group - Part 2

Share your story

(Only available for graduates of Part 1/Define Your Story. Save money by signing up for both experiences at once — see Price below.)

You know your story. Now what? Telling your story online is a form of literacy in today’s world, and it’s time for a crash course. Continue the supportive experience of working with up to ten women as part of a virtual, four-week experience. Learn how to improve your LinkedIn and other social media profiles, find out why you need a website and what it should say, and get practice introducing yourself in conversation and emails.

Included: Two group calls; one personal call; creative worksheets; and support from me and a group of awesome women

What you get: Knowledge and recommended resources to help you update your online presence and begin sharing your story in consistent and compelling ways

Price: $1000, or $850 if you buy it at the same time as you buy Part 1


One-on-One Support

Hire me as a consultant and coach

You don’t have time to learn how to do it yourself. You want the luxury of hiring me as a hands-on consultant and coach to help you craft your story and launch it into the world.

Included: A high-touch experience complete with my signature questionnaire; at least two in-depth, personal video conferences; and someone to do all the writing for you. Plus, two follow-up coaching calls to support you as you begin sharing your new story.

What you get: A personal tagline, a bio, a brand new LinkedIn profile, and up to three additional social media profiles, plus two story coaching sessions. Woo!

Price: $3,500


A Year of Story Coaching

Advice and Writing/Editing Support

You know your story, and you’re ready to take it up a notch. Congratulations: You have a partner. Through monthly check-ins, I’ll help you create and promote content (articles, blog posts, newsletters, web pages, videos, and more) that amplifies your story. What’s more, we’ll get that content in front of the right people — people who can open doors that matter to you. In addition to our monthly calls, you’ll get two hours of my time a month to write and/or edit content for you.

Included: 12 45-minute calls and 2 hours of writing/editing time per month for 12 months

What you get: A strategic and loving partner (yes, loving — I care about my clients big-time) who can provide counsel, accountability, and hands-on support

Price: $399/month, or save by paying a one-time annual fee of $4,500

NOTE: I also consult with organizations that lift up women and girls, such as Melinda Gates’ Pivotal Ventures. Please contact me if you’d like to explore bringing me on as a consultant.