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Available as an add-on to my Define Your Story package

Get expert advice on the key messages your website should communicate, how the site should be organized, and what content features to include.

You get:

  • A website summary that succinctly conveys your website goals, audience, and key messages
  • A sitemap — Think of this like an org chart showing what the different sections of your website will be 
  • A content outline — A text summary to go with your sitemap. Your content outline describes each section of your site, from the messages it will emphasize to the literal features it will include (such as text, photo galleries, or video) — making it clear how each section ladders back up to your overall goals.
  • The peace of mind of knowing that you'll have everything you need to hand to a designer — and/or to select a template from a service like Squarespace, Wix or Wordpress — as you prepare to create and/or redesign your website

With these materials in hand, you and/or your designer will be ready to make smart, efficient design choices and create a website that represents you in authentic and strategic ways.

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  • Quick (but mighty!) consultation — When you need advice, fast. Or when you want to dip your toe in, but aren't sure you're ready to go further in updating your online presence.
  • Launch your story — Your LinkedIn profile (and website, if you have one) are in good order. Now it's time to actively communicate your perspective and expertise with your network and beyond in order to get people's attention and open doors.
  • Master your story — You aren't messing around. You're ready for accountability and community as you tell your story in bigger and better ways in order to achieve the career of your dreams.