Every woman needs to watch this video

Headlines like this usually annoy me. Who are you to tell me what' I “must” read/watch/listen to? But I feel so deeply that every woman would benefit from this video that I truly feel the headline is warranted.

Please, take 25 minutes and watch this video. And if you can’t give 25 minutes, take 30 seconds to listen to her introductory remarks. Cindy Gallop perfectly distills the reason why EVERY SINGLE WOMAN needs to own her story (she calls it a personal brand, I call it a story, because I firmly believe brands are for products, not people).

If you haven’t heard of Gallop, she’s a globally renowned entrepreneur and ad exec. I first discovered her via Creative Mornings here in Brooklyn and she immediately became one of my heroes.

Please. Watch. Or at least listen to the intro.

You won’t be sorry.