Barack Obama wants a more female world

Obama is over men.

Obama is over men.

This video (click the photo to play) rocks. my. world.

In it, Barack Obama says that men have been getting on his nerves lately. "We're violent, we're bullying...we're just not handling our business." Then he calls for empowering more women leaders, which he says will immediately lead to better policies. 


I share President Obama's vision of a more female world. A world where more than half of the leaders in every sector of society are female, and female values and priorities take center stage: Collaboration. Compassion. Social justice. 

This video is a powerful reminder of what a male ally looks like. 

It's also a reflection of just how much the zeitgeist is moving toward being pro-woman. 

Beyonce's a feminist. Barrack's a feminist. Every store in the mall sells "Girl power" tshirts for little girls. Now let's see the shift in leadership to go with the rallying cry. 

How do we get there?

More women's voices, and more women's stories, occupying the spotlight and shaping our collective consciousness. As the Washington Post recently reported, women's stories have already started turning unknown candidates into political sensations. 

Our stories are our power, ladies. 

It's time to take the mic.