How women will take the world by storm in 2019

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In January of 2020, I want to be able to say that there are more female leaders than ever in every area of our lives. I believe that telling more women’s stories is an essential step on the path to realizing this vision.

Time and again research has shown that women are better leaders, and that we bring unique leadership strengths to the table — such as a tendency to communicate better, and an instinct to collaborate rather than compete. 

I'm a firm believe that to create this world — one where women lead us in government, in media, in finance, in education, in health care, and in every area of our lives — we need more women's stories.

  • Stories about our career paths.

  • Stories about our setbacks.

  • Stories about what we know, and what we've done.

These stories are like breadcrumbs, giving other women access and inspiration and power.  I'm tired of amazing women being well-kept secrets. Secrecy helps no one. Let's make 2019 the year we step up to the mic.